3 Best Skincare Products Right Now – Post Summer

We’ve all done it. We buy a product because we think it’s our answer to a particular skin need only to find it doesn’t work well, or it doesn’t work well in conjunction with our other favorites or for the current season. Before we know it, our vanities are cluttered with tubes and creams we never quite finish. Instead of trial and error, and all that wasted money, here are some tips for products you should invest in and others you can wait on right now.

1. Choose a light cleanser – Either foaming or a wipe off cold cream or balm is fine, but even if your skin is oily and acneic or you’re into exfoliation for anti-aging, we wash our faces so often it’s better not to use a cleanser with fragrance, acids of AHA, BHA and salicylic, or other harsh ingredients. Make the treatment you seek a separate, optional step and leave your cleansing step simple.

2. Exfoliator or Scrub – Post summer is a great time to add a mild sugar scrub or dry, grain scrub to your routine twice a week. Use on your face and upper body while in the shower to gently remove the accumulated dead skin cells from those hot, summer days.

3. Anti-aging product of either moisturizer or serum – The hot rays of the sun have damaged everyone’s face whether you see the damage now or it’s a future underlying problem. The weather is also changing, so heavier moisture is key now. Try a product which addresses anti-aging and effective treatments for sun damage, wrinkle repair and moisture loss. Most of these products can also be used as an eye cream or on the neck for now, too.

Author: Beauty Cirque

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