W3LL PEOPLE Santa Monica Launch at Beauty Cirque

Sweet Summer Soiree 2

It was a typical day in Santa Monica – the sun was shining, the waves were crashing on the oceanfront, the gulls were flying overhead and landing in palm trees swaying in the slight breeze.  It was the kind of day that proves every California stereotype about the weather is true, the kind of day that brings even homebodies out of their caves to smile in the sunlight.  Luckily for them, it was the day that Cirque Boutique, home of cult collection Beauty Cirque, welcomed one of its most recent additions to the Beauty Cirque archive: the Austin, Texas-based natural brand W3LL PEOPLE.  The Sweet Summer Soiree, as it was called, was a festive meet-up of some of the major up-and-coming eco-friendly beauty brands in Southern California.  Not only was it a celebration of health and wellness, it showcased what W3LL PEOPLE – and Beauty Cirque – is all about: ingredient-conscious makeup that is good for both the body and the earth.

Rianna Loving (founder of Cirque Boutique and Beauty Cirque) and W3LL PEOPLE have been acquainted since their days as Fred Segal brands at the New Beauty Santa Monica shop in the late 2000s.  Since that location’s recent closing, Beauty Cirque has been a top choice for many beauty brands seeking a prestige boutique retail setting in Santa Monica.  Accompanying W3LL PEOPLE in the event were organic beauty companies Skin Owl, Pureness Soaps, and ORGO Skincare.  Skin Owl, another recent addition to Beauty Cirque was represented by creator Annie Tevelin while Pureness Soaps samples were handed out in gift bags to guests.  ORGO Skincare, Rianna Loving’s in-house beauty line, gave complimentary mini facials to those enjoying the festivities. “It was a success,” said Loving. “There was a line of people before store opening and over 150 people throughout the day.”  It’s no surprise then, that guests were making appointments to come back on following days to receive their own specialized treatments in the Cirque spa.

Among the numerous faces smiling and laughing in the Cirque Boutique shop were a few well-known celebs in the green beauty world.  Susannah Compton and Nicole Mackinnon of the beauty blog “No More Dirty Looks” were seen among the guests, as well as Suzanne Hall of The Chalkboard Mag, an online publication founded by The Pressed Juicery, and Green Beauty Expert Paige Padgett.  Celebrity makeup guru and one-third of W3LL PEOPLE’s founding team Shirley Pinkson traveled all the way from New York City for the event to offer makeup applications using W3LL PEOPLE products.  The chance to be done up by a renowned beauty expert drew a long line of appointments throughout the day, and converted many of Santa Monica’s finest into #NaturalWarriors.  Fellow co-founder James Walker and regional sales representative Leah McCormick also attended to proudly represent their brand and mingle with the green beauty scene of Southern California.

The relaxed yet exciting atmosphere was further spurred by the arrival of Kogi BBQ, the Korean BBQ and Taco Truck headed by famed Chef Roy.  The earthy blend of traditional Asian recipes with urban Los Angeles presentation was its own unique beauty, decorating the visitors with good spirits the way only delicious food can.

When asked what her favorite moment of the entire event was, Rianna Loving assured that it was “the non-stop positive energy of everyone enjoying and having such a great time with healthy, green beauty.”  We look forward to continuing the trend of healthy beauty with our new W3LL PEOPLE display.  Come check it out for yourself at our location on 718 Montana Ave!


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