Under the Spanish Sun, Entry #2: ORGO Travel Must-Haves

Traveling is an incredible experience, no matter where you choose to go. But bringing along your favorite skin products can be a hassle, especially if you take an airplane or a cruise ship, where carry-on liquids and creams can only be in containers 3oz. or less. Luckily, one of my favorite skincare lines ORGO provides a majority of their products in containers precisely this size! ORGO is a vegan and organic company, offering ingredients reminiscent of their hometown (and mine), Southern California. Bringing these along on my trip to Spain reminded me of home, and kept my skin as smooth as it usually is when I’m there.


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  1. Quinoa Eye Crème
    • Who knew the quinoa craze could apply to your face – literally? Since it comes in a 1.5oz. handy bottle with a small pump, this eye cream is perfect for carry-on luggage.
  2. Sunblock
    • I use ORGO’s Sunscreen Spray for Face and Neck to travel with. It’s the perfect carry-on size and is easy to apply. A few spritzes of this SPF 29 and I’m all set! And reapplying throughout the day is easy, as it goes well over makeup without smudging.
  3. Sanitizer
    • To keep my mind at ease, I brought along ORGO’s Hand Sanitizer Spray. One whiff of the fresh mint scent already makes you feel cleaner, and is especially handy if you’re fond of taking public transportation.
  4. Farmer’s Market Strawberry Scrub
    • This is one of my favorite tried-and-true facial scrubs. The name recalls Los Angeles farmers markets and is made with rich jojoba and strawberry oil. The best part about this scrub? It feels just like smothering a creamy strawberry parfait all over your face, which counters the exfoliation and makes your skin feel even smoother after you’re done. And since it comes in a 3oz. jar, I can take it with me anywhere!

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All of these products and more are available online at beautycirque.com, orgobeauty.com, or at Cirque Boutique in Santa Monica.  Or check out their Amazon shop!

Photos courtesy of Nicole Manguramas


Author: Nikka

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