Spring 2013 Hair Trend

The latest hair trend for spring is in! Many clients have been itching for a change to their mane, but don’t want to do a total 180 just yet, sound familiar? We tracked down a few stylists and picked their brains for what spring has in store at the salon. All of them agreed, the long bob is back! It’s fun, flirty, and versatile. If you are not ready for the commitment of a really short traditional A-Line hair cut, the long bob is a great in-between length that will make you feel like a new woman.

So, at your next salon appointment have your stylist cut your hair slightly bellow the top of your shoulder, you want it to lay no further than your collarbone. Then have them add concave layers all around. Depending on your face shape, your stylist can suggest if you need more framing, or if you should go with side swept bangs, short bangs, or no bangs. Bellow are a few pictures to inspire you!


Author: Janet

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