Should You Use The Snooze Button?

Just a little inspiration.

Is hitting the snooze button on your alarm doing more harm than good? We have all been there, it’s early in the work week and you still haven’t quite gotten back to your normal sleep schedule. So when that alarm goes of you hit snooze and lay in bed a little longer, you wake up again but feel just as tired or even more so than before.

If you read our previous blog about sleep cycles then you know that after about 15 minutes of snoozing, your body begins to go back into a deeper sleep. When you interrupt that cycle it leaves you feeling groggy, thus proving the snooze button (that we all love) to be a bad thing.

This video here: SNOOZE breaks down and further explains why it is better to simply set your alarm for a later time, than setting it at an early hour and hitting snooze a few times in a row. We all love and need our beauty sleep, but sometimes you have to just get up and go, your body and mind will thank you!

Author: Janet

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