Organic Skin Care Shopping Guide

Thinking about switching to an organic bath and body care line? Here at Beauty Cirque we have you covered!

One Love Organics has been our go-to line for clients that are transitioning into the organic beauty world. One Love has a great starter/travel skincare set that includes their best sellers. We love that their Skin Savior Balm has so many different uses. You can use it as a makeup remover, a lip balm, hair treatment mask, or even use it in place of your night cream. All of the One Love Organics products are hand-crafted and hand-filled, using the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials. Follow the link bellow for more info on this brand and to purchase the starter/travel set.

We are also excited to announce the arrival of a brand new organic bath and body care line called Mi-Me. Mi-Me was founded by friends Gil and Liz who wanted to create affordable and luxurious bath products, crafted by hand and made to order. Two of our favorite Mi-Me products so far are their Mango Sugar Scrub and their Avocado Butter. The Mango Sugar Scrub naturally fights cellulite, rids the skin of toxins, and improves over all texture and tone. Avocado Butter restores your skin elasticity while preventing scaring and acne breakouts, it also doubles as a low UVA/UVB  protectant. These two are the perfect duo to get smooth, silky legs, just in time for spring and summer! If you like to spray tan, using the scrub before going in to the salon for your appointment will ensure an even application, and it will even last longer.

With help from the Beauty Cirque team, and the various options available at your finger tips, your transition into organic beauty is sure to be a smooth one!


Purchase One Love Organics

Purchase Mi-Me


Author: Janet

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