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Karuna Karma Kit

Are you in need of some skin therapy? We have your solution, KARUNA! Karuna has a line of face masks with a variety of options that target specific skin concerns. The masks are made of all natural fiber that has been pre-drenched in paraben free, highly concentrated serums. The natural wood pulp fiber of the mask helps hold 50% more moisture than synthetic fibers, which allows your pores to better absorb the serums in the mask, and not to mention it is biodegradable!

This is a great no-mess alternative to traditional face masks. All you do is wash your face, apply the mask, let it sit for the recommended amount of time, remove the cloth, and you are done! No rinsing required.

If you have several skin concerns you want to address, we recommend the Karma Kit. It comes in a set of four different treatments: EXFOLIATING, HYDRATING, ANTI-OXIDANT, and AGE-DEFYING. You only need one mask per week, so the Karma Kit is a months worth of treatments for only $28 at A total steal! Follow the link bellow for more info, or contact us for advise on your beauty routine.

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Author: Janet

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