“No Makeup” Makeup and Top Knots

There are days when you don’t feel the need to fuss over your hair and makeup, but at the same time, you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. So it becomes a “no-makeup” makeup, and fun bun kind of day.

A fun bun, or top knot is really easy to achieve. The only trick is to not put too much effort into it or it starts looking overdone. Bellow are a couple instructional photos that will walk you through a fun bun and top knot. Remember, you will always look put together if your hair is out of your face, so even though its one of those no fuss days, bed head hair is a no go.

The key to “no-makeup” makeup is blending! You want to make sure to get a clean, even skin tone without over layering your foundation. Also, avoid creating any lines in your contouring, or brows. Bellow is a link to a video tutorial by our favorite makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, she goes over some techniques that will help you achieve a clean look.

“No Makeup” Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

Author: Janet

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