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It’s that time of year again – the middle of summer. That sweet spot during the season when your legs come out to play, and so do the mosquitoes. We all know that bugs are a part of life, but it’s hard to be accepting when this part of life wants to eat you alive. But what are we to do when all we want to do is surround ourselves in nature… without the experience of being bitten? Chemical bug repellents are often too harsh and smelly for regular use, and may do harm not only to the mosquitoes but also to our own bodies. Fortunately, there are some natural solutions that will help even those unlucky people who happen to be mosquito candy – and make you smell great. All it takes is some faith, trust, and natural herbal ingredients.

Most bugs, such as mosquitoes and ticks, are driven away by the presence of essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. ORGO 100% Non-Toxic Aromatherapy Sprays offer these two scents in the form of handy spray bottles, so you can apply the diluted oils to your clothing, bedsheets, and body. If slathering an extra lotion on top of your sunblock sounds like a hassle, then this is a great alternative for keeping the bug bites away.

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SkinOwl’s Argan Infusions also provide natural scents that are repelling to insects but refreshing for humans. Each of the infusions features a key herb; the ones to look for here are geranium and lavender, both of which repel mosquitoes and ticks. The best part? The infusions are meant to be used in place of a moisturizer for particularly dry skin, but also naturally discourage blood-hungry bugs from approaching you.


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The empowering persistence of mint also tends to drive insects away, which is easy to do when you have the ORGO 100% Non-Toxic Mint Sanitizing Spray. The small and portable spray bottle does double duty by acting as a hand sanitizer and bug repellent.


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If these seem like simple solutions, it’s because they are. Of course, reapplication is key, particularly if you plan on going swimming or taking a sweaty hike. But these simple herb drops and sprays are the basics of what you need to keep the majority of insects away all summer! Not to mention each of these products is formulated for all skin types, so even babies and toddlers can use them.

For further protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and the like, shop Pureness Health Lemonsweet Skincare Soap and ORGO 100% Non-Toxic Foaming Face and Hand Soaps, which come in naturally bug-repelling scents.

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