Le Journo Mirrior Glossing Cream Review

Lea Journo Mirrior Glossing Cream

Do you feel like your hair needs some extra love? Lea Journo  Mirrior Glossing Cream will forever be your hair’s new best friend. This super versatile styling creme will smooth down any flyaways, provide moisture, and give you extra hold so your style will last longer.

At Beauty Cirque, we have used it to help straighten hair, and hold curls! Apply the cream after your hair has been towel dried. For long hair, use a quarter size amount of product, for shorter hair a dime size. Think of it as a primer for you hair, it is the building block for any style you chose to go with. Did we mention it smells amazing? All in all, we give this product a 10 out of 10 because of its versatility to compliment any hair texture, and for quality of the product itself.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more please contact us and follow this link: Lea Journo Mirrior Glossing Cream to purchase at BeautyCirque.com

Author: Janet

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