Is Make-Up Bad For Your Skin?

How is make-up really bad for your skin?



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I’m a licensed skincare professional. I’ve been working in my profession for the last five years and I’ve observed thousands of people’s faces up close.

I, too, was someone who neglected to see the potential side-effects of wearing a base of foundation for upwards of ten hours a day. I believe most women, including myself, view make-up as a necessity for being presentable in public. It’s like pants or underwear.



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It’s fair to say most woman don’t acknowledge make-up as being detrimental to their skin’s health. Why would they? It looks good.



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Foundations come in many varieties, all of which are meant to resemble the skin and stay in place. Some offer more coverage, moisture, sun protection, or matte properties depending on the preference of the consumer. Instead of foundation, some claim to be skincare and are often called tinted moisturizers, CC, or BB creams, all of which shouldn’t be confused as something different – they are still foundations.

Most if not all department retailers and drugstore make-up brands use petroleum chemicals, plastics, adhesives, and synthetic alcohols as a base for their foundations and primers.



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Not unlike plastic wrap, these ingredients cling to the skin and deprive it of oxygen.

What happens when the skin can’t breathe?

For avid users of foundation you can almost always guarantee a constant uneven tone, discoloration, broken capillaries, breakouts, scarring, tissue damage, and long term break down of collagen synthesis.


Imagine yourself wearing a plastic bag over your face for ten hours a day.



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Oxygen-deprived areas of the skin will experience oxidative stress. This includes damage caused by free radicals, bacteria growth, and an irregular flow of circulation (

This sounds horrible. Is it really that bad?



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From an esthetician’s stand point, yes, it’s really bad. I can offer someone the most amazing advice and skincare for their concerns, but my effort is futile once they apply that final layer of foundation on top it all.

Many people assume that ‘natural make-up doesn’t offer enough coverage or wear as long’… right?



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Fortunately plenty of cosmetic companies recognize the damage done by conventional make-up brands. They have developed formulas that compete with those top-selling brands, but this time with the skin in mind.


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