Happy Winter Hair Days


Everyone wants great looking, healthy hair. During the winter months however, a good hair day might be hard to come by. The wind, rain, snow, and temperature drop can really do a number on your locks. Fear not, because Beauty Cirque has the solution! Sometimes all your hair needs is a little extra love, and with Lea Journo’s Le Forme Styling Lotion, it will have it.

This product works best when applied right after you have towel dried your hair. If you have fine to normal textured hair, use a nickel size amount of product. For medium to thick textured hair, use up to a quarter size amount. Rub the styling lotion in palm of your hands, and then evenly distribute it through your hair. After applying, style your hair as you please. By adding this simple step to your routine, frizz, static, and dryness will be kept at bay. Happy winter hair days!


If you would like to purchase the Lea Journo Le Forme Styling Lotion, click the link bellow.

Le Forme Styling Lotion by Lea Journo

Author: Janet

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