Get a Dancer’s Body

Have you ever wondered how dancers get their lean physique? Of corse many of them have been dancing all their lives, but you can achieve similar results even if you have two left feet. There are four key steps to get you into the body you want.

1. Cardio – If you are just getting back into exercising then start off slowly, walk or jog one mile everyday for a week. Increase the amount of miles and/or intensity of your cardio after the first week, but stay consistent. Staying consistent builds up your stamina without completely wearing you out.
2. Stretch – Stretching before and after EVERY workout will prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness. It comes as second nature to dancers, and is not a step that can be skiped.
3. Strengthening Core and Improving Posture – Pilates! It is by far the best way to strengthen your core. Whether you take a class, or have an instructional video at home, we recommend a twenty minute session of Pilates at least five days a week. NO EXCUSES!

4. Balanced Diet – Dancers do not starve themselves, so you shouldn’t either. Make sure you are eating a healthy amount of lean protein, and balanced servings of all your other food groups. Yes, this includes healthy carbs!

If you stay dedicated to your goal, and really push yourself to stick with a strict workout, you will have a dancers body in no time!

Stretch before and after every work out.

Pilates will drastically improve posture and strengthen your core.

Author: Janet

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