Way to Glow: Contouring with the W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightening Stick

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The study of art has a lot to do with color, movement, shadow and lighting, and how all of these elements work together to create a masterpiece.  While makeup artists are expected to take artistic license in theater and cinema by exploring new ideas and playing with different looks, even the everyday task of “putting on your face” is a practice of artistry.  And we can prove it with the rise of the recent trend of contouring, in which you work with the natural lay of your face and use light and shadow to bring out certain features and to downplay others.  Contouring can be a lot of work, but we find it best simplified when using W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Brightening Stick, an easy-to-use organic highlighter that works with your skin rather than against it.  Get your glow on with their all-natural ingredients – plus, their Bio Brightening Stick is on sale for a limited time for only $29!  Ahead, get tips and inspiration  from these contouring guides.  For full makeup coverage, be sure to check out W3LL PEOPLE in the Beauty Cirque online shop!


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Narcissist Stick Cream Complexion Kit


Nudist Colorbalm Stick

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