Clean Start

Let’s get clean! We all go through those weeks where we aren’t careful of what we eat. So break out the green tea, extra large reusable water bottle, and veggies. Carrying a large water bottle around with you at all times makes it easier to increase your water intake. If you get bored with plain H2O make yourself some iced green tea, it keeps you hydrated and gives you an energy and antioxidant boost. We really like putting slices of cucumber and lemon in our water with a bit of mint leaves, it has such a refreshing taste and helps you detox.

Eat more vegetables and completely cut out food that is high in saturated fats. If you are vegan or vegetarian already, then you know you need to carefully choose your meals so you are getting a proper serving of complete proteins. For example, having black beans and rice together make a complete protein. To our non vegetarian followers, salmon is a very versatile and lean meat to go for when you are trying to switch to a cleaner diet.

Let us know how your journey to a clean diet goes! We will keep you updated with new exercises, recipe suggestions, and tips on how to keep you motivated. Make sure to check or to get you started on meal planning!

Author: Janet

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