3 Tips For Healthy Summer Skin


With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to prepare skin for the upcoming season. Here are 3 tips to help get you started!

1. Exfoliate More Frequently

Problem: As the weather warms up, those hotter days mean more exposure to the sun, all leading to dull, dryer skin.

Solution: Exfoliate frequently. Whether you start using products containing light exfoliating acids or scrubs, or book a professional treatment of microdermabrasion or peel, make sure to do this a few times before summer. Make-up will sit more naturally on your face and you will avoid clogged pores from the extra oil and sweat that will occur during the warmer months. Skin will look fresh and brighter!



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2. Listen to the oldest beauty tip ever and DRINK LOTS OF WATER for beautiful, hydrated skin

Problem: With its high extreme temperatures, summer months dehydrate your body and skin – period! Without proper hydration, no amount of moisturizers can help the overall health of your skin. When toxins are not being removed from yours system as they should, it can increase breakouts or cause skin to look fatigued.

Solution: Drink the recommended 8 glasses of 8 oz. water per day. Triple the amount of water if you’re drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol, too. Try some of the new, innovative pH balanced waters for a special summer treat!


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3. Be prepared! Use sunscreen to protect from summer sun damage

Problem: Proof  that you enjoyed your summer days will show up in the form of wrinkles, brown spots, and rough damaged skin.

Solution: Make sure to protect your face with a sunscreen you are most likely to reapply and use frequently while out in the sun. Remember, reapplication is key (at least every 2 hours), not the higher SPF, especially if you are spending time in water or sweating. Make sure you are also protecting from UVA and UVB ray so look for a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection.

Recommendation: ORGO Completely Weightless SPF 29 Sunscreen Face Spray is a customer favorite for a reason. It easily travels and makes reapplication throughout the day mess free, even over makeup.


Photo Courtesy of orgobeauty.com


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