3 Bad Skin Habits You Need to Quit

Too much caffeine or alcohol, poor diet, and not enough water are the most common bad habits which affect our skin.  Here are three more helpful tips we’ve found!

Bad Habit 1: Touching Your Face Throughout Day – Less Obvious Ways

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The obvious tip is to avoid directly touching your face with your dirty hands, but many of us have bad habits of touching our faces in less obvious ways throughout the day without even realizing it. From phone calls to fidgety computer viewing habits to chatting with someone, you would be surprised how often your hands make it to your face for that scratch, nervous tap, or just to lean. Devices like our phones and computers carry bacteria which can easily lead to breakouts. Resting or leaning your face on your sweater or pillow may also cause minor allergic rashes due to detergents and softeners. Keep bacteria at bay by washing hands and sanitizing both your hands and devices several times a day with an organic sanitizer like ORGO’s Mint Sanitizer Spray which is USDA organic and can be sprayed on devices too. It is also travel friendly and airline approved.

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ORGO Everyday Everybody 100% Non-Toxic Organic Mint Sanitizer Spray USDA Certified Organic Seal


Bad Habit 2: Overloading on Aggressive Treatment Products


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If your skincare mission is clearer or brighter skin, you may be using products which contain ingredients like acids and retinols. This is all fine, however, choosing too many products with strong ingredients to use at the same time, daily may cause damage, over drying, or irritation. You would be better off applying an effective treatment twice a week like a lactic acid peel  and making sure to use more gentle, organic products for cleansing and makeup daily.

Bad Habit 3: How You Shop For Products – Wants vs. Needs

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Many of us shop based on sticking to favorites or the latest trends we want, but it is actually better if you choose products based on your current needs taking into account factors from your environment or body. Your needs may change due to bodily factors like hormones, stress, diet, and even pregnancy. Environmental factors include seasons or trips with extreme weather changes. Try a few of our picks below based on skin type or season.

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Dry Skin should choose less heavy or powder-based makeups and opt for more hydration makeup and moisturizers: Luminous Foundation By Vapour Organic Beauty






Oily skin or even pregnancy might cause occasional breakouts so oil control options like adding a night time acne spot treatment might help. This one is also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers experiencing hormone caused breakouts: ORGO Solutions Lactic Acid Blemish Spot Treatment

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